PHD Research Projects 2015 Bartlett School of Architecture

Very delighted to have been a small part of this year’s PHD research project conference helping out our friends Merijn Royads, Quynh Vantu and Fiona Zisch.

Here are some images from the event as well as the projects’ briefs.

Merijn Royads and  ALTERED STATES

A description from a quick email conversation…

The idea is to have a set up, in which a techno track is being split up into its constituent parts. these parts are being sent as light patterns to an array of video monitors (I’ve sourced 19 so far, well..perhaps that ought to be enough). These monitors and the sequencer/gear playing the track are set up without trying to conceal how everything is connected, so according to my normal way of operating..
For the 24th, the track will be performed live, live meaning here that the constituent parts are precomposed, but will be played much like a dj mixes records, and the sounds will be tweaked live.
The sound, or the making audible of what is visible on the screens is done through 2 solar cells that are worn by you Kyveli, as a bracelet/armband, and as a similar device round one of your ankles. Depending on available funds, these devices might be wireless, or not. Of course, wireless has the obvious advantage of giving you more freedom to move, but then, being hooked up to, literally wired to a machine has a certain aesthetic ring to it.
The purpose of all this is to establish a synergy between 2 performers, between music and dance, and between sound and light. The ‘sounding’ of the piece is  determined by the choices you make in your movements, and the musical choices I make, and this will become a feedback loop in which music and dance affect each other in both directions.
The actual configuration of the monitors and other gear is entirely dependent on what works best sonically and visually, so please don’t take the sketch too literal.
Lastly, all this is part of a paper in which I want to play with actual and fictionalised events that describe the history of the Projection Theatre, and the role of my work in trying to investigate this history in a contemporary, and architectural context.



And some theory…

Altered States is an investigation into the works of the Projection Theatre, an experimental laboratory of sound, light, and movement, founded in 1922 by the artist and thinker Solomon Nikritin, and forced underground by Stalin’s Great Terror in the early 1930s. Altered States aims to write a history of the Projection Theatre from when it disappeared from the radar by working back, and forward from an event that took place simultaneously in Berlin and Detroit in 1987, and which has been attributed to, though was never claimed by, the Projectionists; Future-Z

No documentation of the Projection Theatre performances is known to have survived from either their early works in the 1920s, or indeed the 1987 Future-Z event.

We do however have some eye-witness accounts of one of the first Projectionist performances, and of Future-Z.

The following are two short extracts from these accounts:

«Once I was fortunate to observe it in action, having visited the notorious ‘Machine Dances’ on Monday at the well known Foregger’s Theatre studios, where the highest worship of the God of Machines was expressed through dance. The walls were entirely covered with schematic drawings, representing in various positions and longtitudinal sections the physiognomy and torso of the god.

The harmonious bodies of the cult’s clerics, both men and girls, in movements exclusively reminiscent of machines, left me with a very strange impression.

For the first time, here, I also heard the new holy church music of the machine worshippers. An improbable crackle, noise, whistling and groaning -all the noises of the world merged in a polyphonic tangled fugue. This music was growing and growing, bursting in the end with an unlikely, ear-splitting chord, eulogizing the infinite God of Machine Spheres..»


 Quynh Vantu and Thresholds (description to be added)

and one of her references;

Fiona Zisch, Neuroscience and Architecture


Some of the critics and some people wondering what are these people actually doing?!


Audience ask questions and listen to answers during PHD Research projects Conference & exhibition  2015,140 Hampstead road Bartlett School of Architecture.

PHD Research projects Conference and exhibition 2015, 140 Hampstead road Bartlett School of Architecture.


Videos and more description to follow soon



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