Very exited to have been a small part of this year’s Venice Biennale event in Palazzo Mora under the theme of Time Space Existence. A big thank you to Architecture Project London and Architecture Project Malta for this fantastic experience.


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05/06/2014 Exhibition Opening with live music from the 90s, Italian wine and spirits and inspiring people.

 Thoughts before the exhibition with Ephraim Jorris and the film.

62 Stanhope Gardens’ is a performance within an architectural setting that engages with the act of repetition of the everyday actions and their projection back on themselves and οn the performer, as a continuous feedback loop of actions.

Through the film, the project  becomes an experiment that challenges the already existing architectural typologies understanding the body as a tool to measure space by its physical presence and spatial re-adjustment.

Through this process of rediscovery and the repetition of everyday spatial occupancies, we condense a linearity of interactions over a long period of time into one image.

This image we call Chrono-Topos and allows us to look for the previously unseen since any focus towards existing typologies has been erased. The Chrono-Topos is ever widening in terms of time and gaining depth in terms of place yet remaining a single image.

Through imagination presence grows till mind and space become simultaneous ….

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Cypriot Team with the theme The Anatomy of the Wallpaper.
The audience was invited to peel off the walls of the exhibition made out of cardboard, with tools given by the curators, revealing surreal images of the Cypriot history, scenery, people. An interesting approach to what an architectural exhibition can be where the visitors are active participants and the actual makers of it.

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First night in a Viennese room.

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Wherever you turn your eyes you could accumulate moments of people, abundant light and ordinary objects forming a unique messy composition of strong cultural and historical identity. It was a beauty that stems from the unpretentious exposition of the everyday elements together with people that can laugh and express themselves loudly and truly.
It is an art to synthesise everydayness.



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