The Three Cameras Film

Space as an extension of the body and the body as an extension of space.

Occupying Momentum explores design as a process of reading, representing and making architectural spaces through human movement’s data.

In Design Through Performance, the body plays a fundamental role in the process of architectural making. Through physical thinking the body is seen as a cognitive, drawing, sculpting and measuring tool and raises questions regarding ‘who’ actually is the ‘body’? The performer, the maker, the audience, or all at the same time?

All three cameras are describing the verbal and visual instructions of the plan through movement. Seen from 3 different perspectives, ‘marking’ space is perceived both as a way of ‘anchoring projection’ and as a way of ‘priming the neural system’. (adrenaline.ucsd.edu/kirsh/Articles/Interaction/thinkingwithbody.pdf)




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