OCCUPYING MOMENTUM The Moving Camera and the Notational Drawing

‘Marking’ and the Moving Camera

The Moving Camera functions as a ‘marking- for-others’, where the camera’s movement is analogous to body’s movement. There are instances where the human body merges with the existing architecture, suggesting ways of ‘completing’ architecture with gesture and posture. A question that is raised here is who is watching? Architecture, the self or the ‘other’? In this project, all three figures become the same person. Architecture is regarded as an extension of the human body, forming the Architectonic Body.

‘Marking’ and the Notational Drawing

 In contrast to the 2D line drawing, Notational Drawing, by denying the representation of a ‘form’, opposes to the idea of assigning a ‘style’ to the object letting a more intuitive, sculptural approach to design. The notational drawing “… halts the act of figuration in the performance of the drawing and instead submits the image as image without reference but to itself” (Jorris, 2014) It can only become a form and speak of the ‘representational’ after it has almost been repeated and traced over endlessly. This is a point that “marks a moment in the drawing where its symbolic relationships are re-established after a process of isolation and replay” (Jorris, 2014)

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