EXPERIMENT No2 «Ηybridity» Garage Theatre

An evening of performances from Bartlett architecture students. The event is a collaboration between musicians/artists/choreographers and architects whose work can be, or must be, ‘staged’, and whose experimental practices push the envelope of technology and media.

Hybridity charts a space between disciplines, a space that is performative, adaptive, undetermined and thinks architecture through dance, sound and light. A kaleidoscopic evening of mind-drawing, talking metallic plates, projected feedback loops, contemporary dance and experimental architecture.


In Experiment 2 dancers are asked to respond to an architectural text that describes existing buildings cinematographically. The diagrams describe the directionality and geometry of the movement in relation to the text. The dancers are listening to the text through headphones, while the audience can only see their movement. The task was to translate the narration of the building into a body form. There are instances where they had to communicate mutually between them to form the phrase of the text. The piece is mostly improvised. The sound that the audience listens to is a pre-recorded piece of the ambient noise of those buildings that were being narrated.

The aim of this exercise was to perceive existing architecture through the human body and understand if this process itself can actually be staged and become a performance.




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