TRISHA BROWN Dance company, Proscenium Works, 1979-2001

My field trip of performances in London continues with an intriguing performance by the TRISHA BROWN Dance company Proscenium Works, 1979-2001. Separated in 3 parts; ASTRAL CONVERTIBLE (1989) WATERMOTOR (1978) I’M GOING TO TOSS MY ARMS-IF YOU CATCH THEM THEY’RE YOURS (2011)

There was a clear story-time line of Trisha’s Brown work since its beginnings. The first and second part were very much influenced by modernism and that was apparent by the first and foremost the music of John Cage (Eight) as well as the clear geometric body patterns and the ‘unnatural’ movements. In the duets, one body was treated as an object, while the other as the operator of the body and its form. While in the last part, there was a clear idea of synchronicity in bodies’ relationship to themselves and to each-other. The movements, although unnatural, they were much more fluid, dynamic, synchronised as if a conversation of interactive influence was going on.

There was an interesting discussion later on where I asked the question how Trisha Brown’s work can be considered as architectural. One of the dancers of the company gave me the answers, mentioning that the bodies follow and describe a specific sophistication of geometry. The use of different planes of viewing and moving, such as walking on vertical walls,  gave rise to the idea of a verticality that becomes flat and to more complex notions of form/body/perception.

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