EXPERIMENT No1 «In conversation with»

In Experiment 1, dancers are asked to respond to a text that is being narrated to them, describing ordinary objects, including; chairs, tables, walls. The aim is to observe how dancers describe ordinary objects kinaesthetically, in order to find common behavioural patterns for each item. For the purposes of all notational exercises, a basic symbolic figure of the human body is created.

In an empty room, 3 cameras are positioned in different viewing planes, capturing the dancers’ movement from a plan and elevational view, while the third camera is directly translating the figure of the dancers into a virtual/point cloud model. The actions are all being archived for further design analysis.

Many thanks to Chryssa Varna and Lise Manavit for their precious help.

This experiment has been published in T-R-E-M-O-R-S online magazine.

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