CREATIVE COLLABORATION PLUS OR MINUS? Panel Discussion at Central St Martins

Today’s panel discussion was on Creative Collaboration and its advantages or disadvantages. The discussion started with the quote of Philip Glass «The real issue is not how do you find your voice, but how to get rid of it». Taking that as a starting point 5 high profile artists including SIOBHAN DAVIES, SIMON MCBURNEY, JOCELYN POOK, SALLY POTTER and AKRAM KHAN, discussed their views on defining artistic collaboration. The audience engaged with asking questions physically and… virtually as well (!) through their twitter accounts!!!

I am including some phrases that the panelists mentioned and I found interesting;

  • Creative collaboration is a constantly evolving event as we are changing bodily and mentally.
  • Creative collaboration is a way to live.
  • Creative collaboration is the way towards a foundation of trust and respect.
  • Creative collaboration is not a form, as it always changes and thus cannot be defined.
  • Tension can be resolved by the intelligence of the winning argument.
  • Tension can be resolved through acquiring a common language.
  • The so far dualistic society is being replaced by a society of INTERCONNECTIVITY.
  • Start with an obsession and make it a vision.
  • The ideal creative collaboration would be according to Sally Potter, Billy Holiday, Eisenstein, Einstein and herself in a room!!!

At the end of the event I met Siobhan Davies and the architect Sarah Wigglesworth, who have collaborated on the Siobhan Davies’ Dance studio building. The design was based on a collaborative process between the choreographer and the dancer.

It is a pity that the design still looks quite static…



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