ATOMOS Wayne McGregor / Random Dance

An inspiring dance performance by Wayne McGregor and his company Random Dance, where dance and art met science in a very delicate and sensual way.

For the purposes of my thesis project which is based on the notion of ‘space as an extension of our bodies for a performance-architecture’,  I would like to include some words from the program of the performance;

«What are the irreducible elements of the human? What are the atoms that together make humanity present? Awareness of others, empathy, memories of our entwined lives, the obligations and connections that emerge as part of the relations between us? And then what is a body, a human body, other than the site and possibility of these relationships»  It is interesting how the words acquire an almost architectural meaning by defining the body as the site for the research and exploration of further phenomena. The text continues by saying; «We feel bodies. They have presence. Their stance, position, intention, emotion, desire, reach, shame, passion, expansion and contraction are recognisable and compelling because this movement, this life, is already part of the common shared space. The only way the self is known and experienced is with others, as presences and absences.» Referring again to architecture, I would like to add that ‘the other body’ could be space itself if we regard space as a co-body. We create space and space creates us. We contain space and space contains us.

Exciting was also the process of making the choreography as dancers worked collaboratively with an artificially intelligent, life size, digitally rendered ‘body’ in the studio and the code Becoming by Open Ended Group.



Last but not least, STUDIO XO was responsible for the costume design. They are «a fashion and technology company that creates and engineers interactive wearable experiences at the crossroads of physical-digital media. By utilizing fashion, three-dimensional design, craft and technology, XO has established themselves as leaders in the wearable technology market and pioneers in “the internet of things”



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