Thinking with the body: Mind and movement in the work of Wayne McGregor | Random Dance

Thought-provoking talk given today 06-10-2013, by Wayne Mc Gregor in the Welcome Trust Collection, with the topic; ‘Thinking with the body: Mind and body in the work of Wayne McGregor’, which runs from the 19th of September till the 27th of October 2013.

‘Wayne McGregor is well known for his physically testing choreography and ground-breaking collaborations across dance, film, music, visual art, technology and science. In 2000, he and his company Wayne McGregor | Random Dance embarked on a series of projects investigating aspects of creativity in dance with researchers from other fields such as cognitive and social science.’

We have discussed topics on mental image construction and its transformation into a body movement, kinaesthetic momentum and relationships with space and bodyshape, shifting attention to see the invisible, collective imagination and novel action, the image of the ‘imposible’ and the strategies to get as closer to the impossible as you can, structures that are designed to collapse, shaping actions, sketching biometric data as well as movement, distributed memory, and his collaboration with OpenEndedGroup and the 3D program «Becoming».

The talk was followed by an exhibition in the Welcome Collection showcasing the body of work. The process of the idea of ‘Thinking with the body’ follows specific steps;


The practise Random Dance works with; Tracing collaboration, Choreographic thinking, Physical thinking, Becoming, Seeing sound, Dance making.



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