Greece 2013 Athens, Methana, Larissa

Travelling around Greece this summer resulted in the collection of the following photographs. In Athens we visited Monastiraki, Thesseion, Plaka, Exarxeia where the ‘ancient’ meets the modern in a very nostalgic yet sometimes playful way.

In Methana we have realised that our upbringing in Greece, consists of magical images of the natural Greek beauty. We felt lucky indeed for this cultural wealth that is reflected on peoples attitude even through difficult times.

In Larissa, we have worked voluntarily in bioclimatic cob houses discovering ways of cultivating our own products and the importance of cooking and eating ‘vegan’. Living almost autonomously and in pure serenity is the most effective way of going against the Greek crisis. I feel lucky meeting those people, as there are things that none of the educational systems can teach you better…



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