Introduction Project to Master’s Degree

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The project’s requirements were to create an installation within a 24 hour timeframe expressing ‘the Cathedral of the self’ in an a state of suspension, with an internal and external facade. Internally the installation would have to communicate a narrative about our journey through life, while externally the work would have to communicate a particular interest in Architecture. The Structure should be big enough such that a head could occupy the internal space.

‘cathedral’, ‘ναός’ = να+ος = Νούς ή Νόμος εκ της αρχικής δυνάμεως σε ωρισμένο χώρο ή σώμα, μικρό ή μεγα.

The project is a collage of wooden panels arbitrarily interlaced with one another and suspended from the side walls and ceiling representing the multifarious and multidimensional nature of the ‘Self’.

A spy camera is placed at the back of the structure, facing the screen where the cameras data are projected in real time. The spy camera is observing the potential ‘visitor’ from behind, as he is approaching the cathedra and looking into it. His image is projected infinitely on the screen providing an alternative way of seeing oneself through a virtual mirror.

The exterior and the interior blend carefully expressing how the ‘Self’ is being shaped by a society where the notion of privacy is challenged and redefined in daily basis (especially in terms of domesticity).

The installation is placed in a dark silent room where the only sound of silence is the continuous buzz of the technological equipment.



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